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Managing Volatility: How to Prepare for Stock Market Uncertainty

uncertainty.pngFrom time to time, volatility in stock markets is inevitable as investors react to changes in the economic, political and corporate environment.


Take the recent Brexit reaction for example: down a couple of days, back up a few days later.


As an investor, it is important to take a step back at these times and keep an open mindset. 


When we are prepared at the outset for episodes of volatility on the investing journey, we are less likely to be surprised when they happen, and more likely to act rationally rather than react emotionally.


Accessing Your Retirement Assets with Minimal Taxation

Protecting the financial well being of your family can also help you achieve the retirement lifestyle you deserve


We generally think of RRSPs and Pensions when we think about retirement.  Many of us will rely on these types of plans along with government sponsored pensions, such as the Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security, as our main sources of retirement income.

The Problem: Taxation

The biggest retirement income challenge with RRSPs, Pensions, Government Pensions and LIRAs (pensions transferred from a former employer) is that all of the income withdrawn from these types of registered plans has yet to be taxed.  As such, income received in a retiree’s hands is fully taxable.

QUOTED in The Globe and Mail

Dear Colleagues and Associates,

We are pleased to announce that Nathan was quoted in a recently published Globe and Mail article.

As investors seek to take charge of their financial futures, optimizing personal net worth for retirement is key.

Because every individual situation is unique, there are multiple options that may best suit your own set of circumstances, such as:

QUOTED in Yahoo! Finance Canada

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We would like to share an article to add to this week’s reading list.  Nathan was recently contacted by Yahoo! Finance Canada to provide his expertise on saving for retirement.

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Investing for Success: Winning by Not Losing

Make me money.

Don’t lose my money.

What`s more important to you?

Most would say: both.

At Parkhouse Financial, we agree.

Accordingly, our investment mandate is to achieve stable long-term growth while protecting your capital.

2015 Year End Market Review

Dear Friends & Associates,

I would like to extend my best wishes to you and your family for a happy, healthy 2016 and look forward to the opportunity to work with you as your investment advisor.

As we enter a new year, global capital markets have been volatile, continuing the challenging conditions that characterized much of last year. Although the global economy is still slowly growing, many bond and equity markets are being affected by a combination of factors, including several sharp sell-offs in the Chinese stock market, sinking commodity prices, soft economic data and uncertainty surrounding the U.S. Federal Reserve’s decision to raise interest rates for the first time since the financial crisis.

Market Commentary & Outlook Q3/Q4 - 2015

John Poulter, the Portfolio Manager and Chief Financial Officer, at Portfolio Strategies Securities Inc., comments on the markets and his portfolios in his quarterly outlook.
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Congratulations on Becoming a Portfolio Manager

Dear Colleagues & Associates,

We are pleased to announce that Nathan Parkhouse has recently achieved the designation of “Portfolio Manager”.

Becoming a Portfolio Manager is one of the investment industry’s most prestigious professional distinctions. It is reserved solely for an elite group of experienced financial service professionals whom meet the highest standards for advanced education, ethical conduct, industry experience and peer endorsement.

Scary Markets: Ignore Your First Impulse

Recent market volatility across the global economy has left many investors feeling unsettled. Rattled even.

The impulse when living through this type of market turbulence is to do something. Anything.

But, before you do, considering the following:

6 Solutions for Volatile Markets

When markets get choppy, it pays to have a plan for your investments, and, to stick to it!

The markets have become choppy once again, as global demand for oil is outpaced by supply, Greece continues to appear on the verge of a possible exit from the Eurozone, and China tries to balance a slowing economy and potential bubble in real estate.

“Nothing causes investors to question their strategy and worry about their money like a dramatic sell-off,” says John Sweeney, Fidelity executive vice-president of retirement income and investment strategies. “A natural reaction to that fear might be to reduce or eliminate any exposure to stocks, thinking it will stem further losses and calm you fears, but that may not make sense in the long run.”

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